Bathing Beauty

...Come on in the water's fine!

Esther Ann Williams
8 August
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Esther Williams is swimming love

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"I was just a swimmer who got lucky." (2003)

This lithe, leggy beauty was in the public eye early on, having become a swimming champ at age 15 and a much-photographed model at a Los Angeles department store. (A U.S. Olympics hopeful, her dreams were shattered when war in Europe canceled the planned 1940 games.) She had dropped out of college and was swimming for her supper with Billy Rose's Aquacade when she was spotted by an MGM talent scout.
Immediately signed by the studio and groomed for stardom, Williams made her movie debut-like other Metro starlets-opposite Mickey Rooney in an "Andy Hardy" film. Bathing Beauty (1944), a colorful exercise in wartime escapism, effectively launched her starring career; she spent the next 11 years in the water more than out of itbut made the list of Top Ten Box-Office Stars by so doing-and by offering a sunny, likable screen personality. Her starring vehicles, essentially backstage musicals tailored to incorporate her aquatic skills, sported lavish production values and top supporting casts in glorious Technicolor.

When musicals faded in the 1950s, Williams tried to expand her dramatic portfolio but the public wouldn't buy her as a straight actress. Having toured with aquatic shows and headlined TV specials, she settled down with her third husband, actor Fernando Lamas (her leading man in 1953's Dangerous When Wet-and one of the few who could actually swim) and gradually disappeared from the limelight. After his death, she reemerged in the public eye, making personal appearances and introducing a successful line of swimsuits modeled after the ones she wore in the 1940s and 1950s. She appeared onscreen as one of the hosts of That's Entertainment! III in 1994.


The Million Dollar Mermaid - Esther Williams with Digby Diehl
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